Friday, January 4, 2008

Time to celebrate!

In celebration of Diane's graduation, we all went to Zepponi's Pizza for a wild night of arcade games, jukebox songs, pizza and fun!

High on Pepsi, breadsticks and jukebox music.

Wild night at the pizza parlor.

The adult table.

Look at the kid on the left checking out Erika. Ha ha!

Diane's Graduation

She finally did it! My mom graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies (emphasis in art, photography and multimedia) on December 14 after seven years of study!

Nervously waiting.

Proud children of the graduate.

Filing in with the other graduates, including great-niece Ashley in front.

Waiting to walk.

Diane's fan club.

Check out the video of Diane's walking at graduation.

Sexy Sophie

I'm in love with my dog. What can I say? I needed to post some pictures of the cutie!

Gearing up to go get a Christmas tree.

Using Grandpa's foot as a head rest after a long day of play at the cabin.

Surprise Trip to Portland

For Brooke's birthday I flew to Portland for the weekend to surprise her. Brooke's sister Shelley and nephew Carson also surprised her for her birthday. They arrived on Thursday. I arrived on Saturday and Marc took me downtown to surprise her while she and Shelley were shopping.

Check out a video of me surprising Brooke while she is shopping in Anthropologie. Not the best quality, but listen for the 'What the freak?' at the end.

Shelley's first trip to Voodoo Doughnuts. 'Mmm....a belly hair!'

Portland's famous (or infamous) Voodoo Doughnuts. Home to the Grape Ape, Tang-a-riffic, Voodoo doughnut (a raspberry-filled, chocolate-frosted doughnut in the shape of a voodoo doll with a stick pretzel through the heart. My personal favorite!) and many, many more. Ahhh...brings back fond memories of beggars and the smell of urine. Check them out at

Chloe, my love.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Home Improvements

We've been busy working on my house. It seems like a new project every weekend. Check out all the projects below.

My dad and Chris slaved two weekends to put my gates up. It's been a HUGE improvement!

Inside gates.

Gate on north side of house.

Dad is working on replacing the cover to my crawl space. It used to be a piece of particle board, now it's a nice trap door to match the gates. This summer we cleaned out all the garbage under the house. I thought it would all fit into a garbage can, but it ended up taking two or three truckload trips to the dump! Later Erika and I spread out plastic sheeting on the ground to keep the moisture out of the house. It's a lot nicer! Check out earlier post pictures to see all the weird stuff we found under there.

For my birthday, we installed a tile backsplash in my kitchen.

Detail of the tile.

My favorite tile. It reminds me of a petree dish.

I bought a kitchen cart and painted it to match the tile. Adds food prep space and much needed storage space.

Chris made this planter for my birthday. It rocks and the finish changes everytime it rains! Check out his employer's website by clicking here.

I changed bedrooms to the back of the house and painted the room a butter-yellow color. I still need to install crown molding, window treatments and buy a rug, but its nice to be away from the front of the house and the street. I get great views of the backyard from my bed.

I painted my existing bedside table to match my new bedding and the mirror frame my dad built for me.

Another bedroom shot.

This summer I stopped by an antique store in Helper, Utah and bought an old five-panel door to hang over my couch. The color is original and ended up working out really well.

Sophie spends her days sitting in this chair and watching out the window. The other half of the day she spends sleeping on my bed. Spoiled dog!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sophie's Halloween Costume

Sophie was a ballerina for Halloween.

Such a pretty girl!

Warming up to dance.

Sophie's doggy pirouette. We've been training for months.

Detail of the great craftsmanship that went into her dress. Ignore all the safety pins!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween Party

Zach and I went to a Halloween party last night as Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin. We won best costume. Mom and I stayed up 'til 1 a.m. the night before working on my outfit.